This is a list of what we believe are the five most essential apps for yoga teachers. Have a recommendation of your own? Add it to the list by commenting at the bottom of this post.

For Music -  Spotify ($9.99 per month)

If you are a yoga teacher, you know that music can actually be a pretty big source of stress in your teaching. Spotify lets you create playlists or use playlists from other people (including other yoga teachers). The beauty of spotify is that you don't have to be connected to the internet to play your playlists after they are created.

For Finances - Expensify (free)

Tracking expenses is probably the last thing you want to do in your yoga business. But what you need to realize, is that by not tracking expenses you are literally throwing money away. You should be tracking your mileage, work related meals, yoga gear purchases etc... All of these and more can be deducted come tax time and leave more money in your pocket. Expensify is an intuitive, easy to use app to help you track these expenses and prep for handing things over to your CPA come tax time.

For Payments - Paypal (free)

If you have your own studio, teach privates, or even teach yoga classes outside somewhere, collecting payments is essential. Most people don't carry around a lot of cash these days so you'll want a payment solution for them. Paypal has a great swiper that only charges 2.7% per transaction. It can take card (by swipe or picture), check (by picture), or a manual entry. If you need a way to accept payments this app is going to be a great option for you.

For Organization - Google Calendar (free)

This may seem obvious but you have to stay organized. You might be surprised how many people take life one day at a time and often forget commitments they have made. This becomes especially important if you travel to teach privates, teach at more than one yoga studio etc... Take some stress out of your life by keeping yourself organized with a good calendar app.

For Connection - Instagram (free)

Are you active on social media? You'd be surprised how much people enjoy seeing your inspiring yoga pictures and quotes. As a teacher your influence can extend far beyond the reach of your actual studio. Create a community and following using social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. If for some reason you ever lose your job or decided to open your own studio, you'll be so grateful for your online following. Build your tribe!

BONUS APP (for the serious entrepreneur)

For The Entrepreneur - Mindbody

Mindbody is a business managment software that allows small business owners like yoga studio owners, or even just teachers, to schedule and charge for their services. If you are looking to take your yoga business to the next level you'll definitely want to check out this app and software.

Have other apps you personally use as a yoga teacher? Help your fellow yogis out and write the names of the apps you love in the comments below.