Bedtime Yoga Sequence in Bed - Best Bedtime Yoga Poses

I’ve had a morning yoga routine for years now, and I stick to it every single morning. A new day, a new beginning to make things right - my morning yoga routine is all about starting the day healthy and fresh.

The poses I do each morning help me stay energized throughout the day.

But it was not that long ago when I started having troubles relaxing and releasing my mind to fall asleep. I have such busy days full of weight lifting, running, stretching, but still when I head to bed at the end of the day, I often struggle to let go of all the energy.

I feel so tired yet can’t seem to fall asleep.

I started looking for different ways to relax and calm down right before bed and that’s how I thought of building up a nighttime yoga sequence for myself. What’s more calming and relaxing than a session of yoga in the comfort of your own bed?

I’ll tell you what - NOTHING!

I’ve tried tea, hot baths, candles, pillow mists, relaxing sounds, but all of that was nothing compared to these amazing poses I came up with.This combination of movements just sparked for me - they are amazing for helping me have a sweet and restful sleep.

This gentle sequence is a great remedy for anyone feeling stressed, anxious or tense before bed, and will help you destress and calm down in a healthy way.

And we all know when we sleep well, everything works better! 🙂

So check out my bedtime routine below!

Modified Hero Pose

I always start with this simple modified version of Virasana, the hero pose.

It’s a simple “sitting on your calves” position that always magically puts me into the yoga mood.

Don’t really know why, but it works great for me.

There are a few versions of the hero pose but I like this one best, where my inner knees and thighs are touching together and my hands rest on top of my thighs.

Here’s how to do it right:

modified version of Virasana hero pose

Child Pose

Sinking in the bedsheets with the chest and forehead, always feels so comfy and good.

I just LOVE it!

It stretches the hips, the ankles and thighs, while leaving your whole body in a resting state.

Spread your knees wide, keeping your big toes touching.

With your buttocks on your heels start bowing forward, positioning your torso between your thighs and let your chest rest between them.

Arms straight in front of you, while you’re stretching your lower back and the forehead becomes one with the bed.

Feel free to stay in this position as long as you like.

Rabbit Pose

Next I head on to Sasakasana, known as the rabbit pose.

From child pose pull your forehead in, towards your knees, placing the top of your head on the sheets.

Slide your arms all the way back, to a position where your palms are touching your feet, keeping them close to your body.

This may look like pretty uncomfortable, but doing it in the comfort of your bed releases the stress on your head, and feeds the nervous system with fresh blood and oxygen.

rabbits-pose-bedtime yoga

Spinal Twist

Next one is a pose that’s main job is strengthening the spine.

The seated spinal twist pose has many benefits not just limited to the spine, they extend to the improvement in the functionality of various abdominal organs, including the liver and the kidneys, while improving the digestion at the same time.

This pose can be performed in many ways, and here’s one way to do it.

Start in a hero pose, by twisting your whole body to your right.

With your left arm touch the right knee, and with your right arm the right foot while twisting your whole torso into this pose.

Stay like that for 10 deep breaths, before heading to the other side.


Seated Forward Bend

Now this next one is for your legs and lower back.

They will both get a great stretch and relax, especially your hamstrings and lower spine. This may feel a little tense, but relieving at the same time.

Simply start in a seated position with your legs straight in front of you.

Start sliding forward with your arms and chest, reaching your toes with your palms.

Go as deep as you can, and stay like that for as long as you feel comfortable.


Knees to Chest

Apanasana is one of those poses you'll love doing after a forward bend.

Begin by lying on your back, with your legs and arms extended.

Closely start pulling your knees to your chest, and hug them with your arms.

I like to refer to this pose as the knees hugging pose, since you’re actually bringing both of your knees into your hug.

How nice and comfy, right?


Legs on Wall

Now believe me this is what you really need at the end of a long day.

The Viparita Karani pose will melt you down into the bed sheets, while releasing all the pressure off your legs.

Our legs are carrying us around all day and we spend so little time thanking them for it, so this is the really the least you can do for them.

Out of all the yoga poses, this is my favorite night one, since it’s relaxing and will destress to the whole body.

This is one you have to try!


I hope these bedtime yoga poses help you get the best nights sleep!

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Namaste yogis & sleep tight!

Monica May

Monica May

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