First things first..

Should You Start a Yoga Blog / Website?

Let's decide if starting a yoga blog is right for you. (NOTE - This advice and process will be true for any type of blog or website you decide to create)

There could be many reasons for recording your yoga journey on a blog. Here are a few:

  • To record your progress as you grow in flexibility, strength, spirituality etc...
  • If you are, or want to become a yoga teacher, a blog is a fantastic way to share valuable tips and advice with your students. It feels amazing to build a community and tribe!
  • As people in and around your local community follow your blog and gain value they will want to come to your yoga classes more often and your yoga business will grow!
  • If you're passionate about yoga, blogging about yoga could actually prove to be a great source of side income if you know how to monetize your blog effectively.

All of these are great reasons for starting and maintaining your own yoga blog.


Starting a Yoga Blog / Website

For those of you who want to start your own blog, there are really two ways to do it.

  1. The first is to use a website like Blogger or Wix to create your blog. The upside of using a site like this is that it is free. The downside is that your site is connected to, and in a way, dependent on the sites above. Your blog will have a url like www.(yoursitename) or something similar. Also, for most of these services once you hit a certain number of visitors on your website, they will start making you pay anyway. If you are simply using your site as a way to journal and track your yoga progress, this might be the best option for you.
  2. If you want to take your yoga business serious, I recommend getting your own domain name (url) and getting your own hosting for your website. Doing this gives you more control long term in what you can do with your website and brings a lot more credibility to you as a brand. And YES it's time for you to start thinking of yourself as a brand.


What You Will Need:

Web Hosting: You can get hosting through JustHost. I have used JustHost to create and host all of my websites. They will help you get started for as little as $2.95 per month, which is a great deal (most hosting companies charge $4 - $10 per month).


Domain Name: This is the web address of your website or blog. When you're creating your yoga blog you'll want to choose a domain name that fits your personal brand. One really common option is to choose your actual name. So my wife for example might get or etc.. This is what I recommend for most of the people we coach through this process. My favorite is the www.(your name) option. However, if you have other offerings outside of yoga, say health coaching or nutrition advice, you could choose another name. Seantay and I do a few things under the name Higher Living so was perfect for us. This can also be an option if you have a super common name like Matt Hall and most related domain names are taken... haha

You can check availability and buy your domain name through a company like or you can just grab it through your hosting company. One of the reasons I love Just Host is that you get your first domain free when you sign up with them.

Website Theme: When you download wordpress onto your site you'll be given a free template, but you'll have very limited design options. My favorite theme, and the one I've used for this site is called Divi which is from the company Elegant Themes. The Divi theme is in my opinion the most intuitive, elegant, versatile theme option out there. The basic version is $69 per year. I chose to get the Lifetime Access package which is $249, but only a one time fee. I did this knowing that I'd have my website and blog for way longer than three or four years and I also wanted all of the bells and whistles that come with the lifetime package. What I love most about the Divi theme is that it has a really easy to use Builder with customizable templates. You'll love it and most likely all future tutorials I'll do will be on Divi. I also love that Elegant Themes does such a fantastic job with all of their tutorial videos and blog posts to help you design your yoga website and blog.

divi theme for wordpress yoga website


Step by Step Setup:

Step 1 - Set up your JustHost hosting account at


step by step how to set up justhost web hosting for your yoga website or blog


Step 2 - Chose the pricing option that works best for you

justhost hosting pricing options


Step 3 - Get your free domain with Just Host if you don't have one, or enter the domain you bought from another source.


domain search with justhost hosting

Fill out the rest of the information to sign up and purchase your hosting account.

At this point you'll receive a confirmation email and login credentials.


Step 4 - Now it's time to install WordPress! Log into your JustHost account and click on the "Install WordPress" Button.

c-panel for justhost web hosting


Step 5 - On the next page, click The "Install" Button.

install wordpress on your justhost website


Step 6 - Make sure your website is listed (don't enter anything in the directory section) and click "Check Domain". This is just going to verify that the domain is actually yours.

wordpress for justhost web host

On the next page click Advanced options and edit your Site Name, Username, Admin Password and Admin Email to your whatever you personally  want them to be. Read the terms and agree and click "Install Now"

Wait for the install to finish.

You'll get an email from Mojo Marketplace with your login details. You'll use these login details to login to your site every time you want to make changes or create a post.


Step 7 - To purchase and Install your Divi theme. First go to

Click "Join To Download"

Set up divi theme with elegant themes for yoga website or yoga blog


Step 8 - Choose the pricing option that you feel will be best for you (I chose the lifetime so I wouldn't have to pay every year).

divi theme pricing options from elegant themes


Step 9 - Fill out the information to set up your account.

divi theme from elegant themes setup


Step 10 - Go back to and click "Login".

Scroll down to where you see Divi (by the way you now own all of these theme options!). Click "Download" next to the Divi theme.

This will download a zip file that you'll upload on your website in the next steps.

divi elegant themes home page


Step 11 - Login to your website at www.(yourwebsitename).com/wp-admin with your username and password.

wordpress login


Step 12 - When you log in go down to "Appearance" and click "Themes".

wordpress dashboard


Step 13 - At the top of the window click "Add New".

Then click "Upload Theme" and upload the Divi Zip file you downloaded in step 10.


Step 14 - Design and build out your website and/or blog.

Watch the overview video about the Divi Theme and read over the overview of how the theme works HERE.

Elegant Themes does a much better job than I could breaking down every aspect of how to use their theme to build a BEAUTIFUL website HERE.


If you are having any difficulties at all in navigating this process please reach out! We have used these services a ton and are very familiar with them. =)



Also if the process of creating your own website or blog seems really complex or daunting to you we do have an alternative that we can connect you with. We have negotiated a great deal with a yogi focused web design team that can build your entire website for you and all you'll have to do is write your content and update some basic changes. If this is something you're interested in just contact us and we'll connect you with our yogi serving design buddies. =)

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Just so you know - We do earn a commission if you choose to go with JustHost and Elegant Themes. There are obviously several other hosting companies out there. We love the simplicity of their service and their excellent customer support. We never recommend a product or service to our readers unless we ourselves USE and LOVE them. If you do decide to purchase through our affiliate link, we thank you so much for your support!