Why Every Yoga Teacher Should Write An Ebook


If you are a yoga teacher and you don't have an ebook, you are leaving so much value off the table. By not bringing that value you're also missing out on some amazing value that could be coming back to you. Let me explain...


Ebooks are really easy to write and publish. We personally coach people through the process of writing and profiting from ebooks. Being a published author gives you a sense of instant credibility and professionalism as a teacher. There are several types of ebooks you could write. You could write on a niche yoga topic that you are becoming an expert in, a nutrition or health program book, or even your personal story and biography.


I (Matt) have a niche health related ebook on amazon (Essential Oils For Men) that I wrote in less than two weeks that makes us over $100 in passive income every single month. Now you may think that’s not very significant, but remember that’s passive income, meaning I did the work once and continue to get paid for it month after month. That one book brings us an extra $1200 a year.


Here's a screenshot of my books earnings over the last 30 days on Kindle!

You Know Enough

You may be thinking "who am I to write a book?" or "I'm not an expert". If you're having those thoughts I want you to realize that compared to a complete beginner you probably know a lot more than you give yourself credit for. Could you write a 30 page book on how to cleanse or eat healthy? I don't have a degree in essential oils or anything, but my wife and I have been using them for a few years and i've done a lot of my own research. Most of the information that is in my book could be found on the internet for free but people are happy to pay me for it because I went to the trouble of compiling it and adding a bit of my own personality. What subjects do you enjoy learning about? That's what you should write your book about! Or ask yourself what questions do I get a lot as a yoga teacher? 



How many people have asked you what yoga teacher certification you got and why? Maybe you spent hours upon hours researching and deciding which certification was right for you. Why not write up a guide with all that information? Most people are willing to pay a few dollars to save themselves hours of research time.


Write Your Story

Now when we talk about helping people write a biography we’re not talking about some in depth boring book about your life. In fact don’t even call it a biography. This is a 20 to 30 page book that talks about you and your journey into yoga. In the book you can talk about your specific passions and why yoga is so important to you. It can also talk about what specific skills or talents you bring as a teacher. They say ebooks are the new business cards. When you have a student that comes up after your yoga class asking about you and asking how they can learn more about you, you can refer them to your self published $2.99 ebook on amazon. Each time a student purchases your book you earn $2. Again, this may not seem like significant money, but it’s an additional stream of income. You’ll also find that random people interested in yoga around the world might find your book and become a fan. If you have a specific workshop offer, this is a great tool to use for outreach when looking to book events at other yoga studios. Give your book away as a gift.


If you want to learn more about this topic I highly recommend you check out the free training we did recently all about launching and monetizing your online yoga personal brand. We had over 200 yogis on live and dove deep into this topic and so much more awesome branding advice. Enjoy!