Welcome future affiliate,

We feel passionate about empowering yoga teachers around the world with the knowledge they need to get their message out into the world. The Yoga Branding Bundle helps yoga teachers serve MORE people on a DEEPER level and generate significant passive income through their yoga blogs.

We invite you to join us as an affiliate of the Yoga Branding Bundle!


What is the Yoga Branding Bundle?

The yoga branding bundle is a bundle of three courses in one that teach

  1. Step by step tutorials to help yogis take their website from concept to creation.
  2. How to master affiliate marketing in the yoga niche and generate passiveĀ income by monetizing what they are already doing both offline and online.
  3. Everything they need to know to publish and sell their first ebook either on their own website or in a marketplace like the Amazon Kindle Store.

In total the bundle includes 30 videos along with the Personal Brand Game Plan ebook and other bonuses.


How much can I make?

The bundle is currently priced at $149 and we pay our affiliates 50% of every sale they refer!

Our product hasĀ has a 60 day cookie. This means that if you refer someone through your specific link to our product and they don't buy that day. They can leave the site and if they come back and buy anytime in following 60 days you'll still get the commission!


How do I apply?

We use Clickbank to run our affiliate program. You can CLICK HERE to for more course details and to apply now (it's free)!!!